How to Take Care of Hand Skin

We all know that our hands are important in our daily lives as they are connected with our everyday activities. As we use our hands daily and expose them to several elements such as chemicals, sunlight, etc., it's pretty normal to expect problems like dry skin on the hands. Remember, just like our facial skin, it's also very critical to take good care of hand skin; otherwise, it will start to deteriorate. Without proper hand skin care, it will become almost impossible to perform day-to-day tasks as our hands are involved in almost every physical activity.

What is the Purpose of Hand Creams?

As we have also discussed earlier, it's very important to protect the hands from skin conditions like dry skin that can trigger other conditions, including irritation, itching, etc. You must pay some attention to keeping your hands moisturized to protect them from excessive dryness. Nowadays, the frequency of hand washing has increased due to COVID-19; excessive exposure of hands to anti-bacterial soaps and other products can damage the skin.

If you want to protect your hands from the damage caused by excessive washing, exposure to certain chemicals, or sunlight, it's very important to invest in a good hand moisturizer cream. In this detailed guide about hand creams, we will highlight the most common benefits of hand creams and recommend some of the effective options you can try on your hands. Before we discuss this topic further, let's look at some of the most common causes of skin dryness on hands so that you can prevent this condition in the future.

What are the most common causes of Dry Skin?

Below, we have compiled a complete list of the common causes of dry skin after in-depth research. Make sure to eliminate or at least avoid these things in your life to prevent dry skin.

Frequent Washing

After COVID-19, everyone has become very conscious of hand washing as it's still one of the most effective and proven ways to prevent the spread of the virus. Unfortunately, over washing the hands is also a drawback as it can lead to dry skin or even eczema and dermatitis in some extreme cases. If you suspect frequent washing of hands is the root cause of your problem, you must try some ways to keep your hands moisturized.

Similarly, hand sanitizers and anti-bacterial gels can also cause skin dryness on the hands. Regular use of hand sanitizers can make the skin dry and rough, so it's advised to keep the moisturized to prevent this condition. You can also wear surgical gloves as there will be no harm in using the sanitizer on the gloves, but again it will also cause skin dryness due to lack of moisture. Different hand sanitizers are available in the market that moisturizes the skin with ingredients such as aloe vera.

Soaps and Shampoos

In the market, most soaps and shampoos are loaded with harsh ingredients and chemicals that can trigger skin-related conditions. Besides everything, if you have sensitive skin, all these harsh ingredients can cause more harm than good, so you must remain careful about these products. The best and most recommended way to avoid skin-related conditions caused by these harsh soaps and shampoos is to lessen their usage. Moreover, you can also switch to organic shampoos and soaps free of harsh ingredients and chemicals.

Exposure to Extreme Temperatures

If you live in a colder climate with extremely low temperatures, it's pretty normal to expect dry skin and cracks on the hands. Remember, when the temperatures go down, the humidity levels also decrease, which causes dry skin due to lack of moisture. On the other hand, an artificial heating system such as heaters can also cause dry skin in winter due to a lack of moisture in the air.

Besides winter and summer, certain jobs can expose your hands to extreme temperatures and chemicals, such as healthcare, beauty, engineering, construction, cleaning, and many others. The best way to overcome all these problems is to moisturize your hands regularly with reliable hand cream or lotion.

What are the Benefits of Using Hand Creams?

Regular use of hand creams offers many amazing and scientifically proven benefits. Below, we have compiled a comprehensive list of the benefits you will get after regularly using hand creams.

Slow Downs Aging

Our hands age faster than other body parts because they have very few sebaceous glands. Moreover, hands are also involved in day-to-day activities and are exposed to certain chemicals, harsh weather conditions, and other environmental stressors, including sunlight. All these factors that we have discussed earlier contribute to fast aging due to wrinkles and thinning of the skin. However, regular use of moisturizer on the hands can help you to slow down the aging process because there will be fewer chances of skin-related problems.

Heal Dry Skin and Cracks

Regularly using moisturizing hand creams is critical for healing dry skin. In most cases, the root cause of dry skin is frequently cleaning and washing hands, so it's pretty normal to experience cracks and rashes due to lack of moisture. In the marketplace, you can easily find tons of high-quality hand moisturizers that are highly effective in restoring the natural moisture levels in the hand skin. Moreover, lack of proper hand moisture can also cause hand cracks, which can be easily treated with moisturizer creams.

Repairs Damaged Skin

Besides dry skin, most hand creams with intense repair formulas and moisture-binding ingredients such as honey, aloe vera, coconut oil, etc. are also extremely effective in repairing damaged skin. Remember, damaged skin with cracks and bleeding is more prone to bacterial infections, so a hand cream can do wonders to prevent bacterial infections of the skin. However, hand creams are not just made to moisturize the hands alone; you can also use hand creams on other parts of the body such as legs, face, thighs, etc.

Combats Skin Inflammation

As we have also discussed multiple times in this article, repeated exposure of the hand skin to certain chemicals and environmental triggers can lead to skin tissue inflammation. The skin can also become red, flaky, and uneven from inflammation alone. However, there is no need to worry about anything because you can treat skin inflammation easily by using any of the hand moisturizing creams. For best results, we recommend you choose those specific hand creams containing ingredients such as aloe vera and coconut oil; both are very effective at reducing skin inflammation.

Additional Tips for Hand Skin Care

Remember, using hand creams alone will not be enough to deal with skin-related problems in the long run. We have compiled a list of some additional tips that you can add to your routine for taking good care of your hands.

Use Organic Products

Most of the time, dryness on the hands is often caused by the regular use of harsh products such as soaps, shampoos, and hand wash. Try to find organic soaps in the market or those specific cleaning products that suit sensitive skin. You can also talk to your dermatologist for suggestions as medicated soaps, and hand washes are available on the market.

Use Sunscreen

If your hands are often exposed to the sunlight, you will be more likely to experience sun-related problems as ultraviolet rays from the sun are harmful to the hands. Using the hand moisturizer alone will not be enough because it's also very important to protect the skin from the damage of these UV rays.

Avoid Hot Water

Many people often prefer hot water to wash their hands in the winter, but unfortunately, it's not the right way. Washing the hands with hot water can cause skin dryness, so it's better to use warm water to lock the moisture.

The Bottom Line:

We hope this brief hand cream guide will help you take good care of your hands. Hands are one of the vital parts of our body as they are involved in daily life activities. Just like facial skin, it's also necessary to take good care of your hands, especially in the winter, because dry skin is more common in the winter. If you are looking for the best hand moisturizer cream for your hands, you can check out our NATURAL ORGANIC MOISTURIZING HAND CREAM series and pick your favorite.

Skin is the cloak your body wears for a lifetime. Make it the best garment you own.

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